Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Oh God Nirmal Baba...!!!

In my office... many people use to talk about 'nirmal baba' some laughed some were serious... but i was never serious about him. Working in the organization (Star News) where it used to be telecast every morning, i even had never seen it. Then one day we were just discussing about him, some were convinced about his powers... i still imagine how? How someone at kalyug can have powers??... But the day i realized what nirmal baba was telling was about six sense which is nothing but understanding about things, about your work. If you know how to do it... you also acquire 'third eye'...  you need not to go to any nirmal baba's. But the question is how does that understanding comes?..... Through observing life... this is what he must have done to tell all the solutions. He has learnt how to fool, you learn how not to get fooled. In his shivir thousands used to come and from thousands some hundred people's work was done... but then also, with me now everybody believes that that was naturally a coincidence because it's impossible to have every body's nuksan at the same time. Therefore i could connect one of my friend saying that he had got fayada after listening to him as i told him can be a luck by chance .... Now watching all that bad news about nirmal baba he himself says.... ya who said i believed him i just said it happened but can be a luck by chance. Thank god vo toh sudhar gaya.... aap bhi sudhar jaiye.....(only for those who still believes in nirmal baba or people like him)  .... Take Care ... and believe on yourself.

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