Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Live Life Khul ke...:-)

Yesterday... i was reading first page of The Times of India as i usually read, about government fighting with each other for power and for so more and so forth but this time i saw an article for concerning about children to play. It was nice to read something different... Yes, Delhi now has become so congested that as the builders see some open area, they start making buildings. Now hardly we could see a big playground for the growing children, an open and dust free space for elders to walk early morning & evening. But we certainly have schools everywhere... It is said that 'if you through a stone from your terrace it will land up on a school'... Yes there are so many schools and every school is been allotted a king size playground. School students play there only till 3pm but after that it is all empty... So why not to utilize the space for those who need it... What i read in the morning was a prime time discussion in evening on NDTV.  There the panel of guests were telling about the development of grounds into ornamental parks which have already been done, now the anchor was saying to convert them again into grounds... how foolish.... to waist the entire money and spending more money to destroy it??.... Money money everywhere.... really how much money do we have?.... If we really have, we should spend it for maintenance, which is least done in our country. The city has very less playgrounds in every area and if it has they are very small. So, think ahead... we don't have more area for our child to play therefore the alternative for them is to glue to the computer and video games. If we really want to make our children enjoy their childhood, take a foot forward and we will reach our destinations.... Live Life Khul ke.... 


  1. Please excuse me but is there any concerning part of subject with the Topic???

  2. Hey Mr. Anant pls stroke me and my ego coz I would like to present my concern too that her solid seeming words are not different from our dream world, her fast moving words are just an imaginary projection upon the Reality, So I'd suggest to go with the manner and message coming out with the same.
    Thanks ;)