Friday, September 14, 2012

Ghotale pe ghotale…

Firstly 2G scam, then Common wealth ghotala and now coal block. All these i am talking about the big ghotalas which came in media. If the running government can do this big then we can't even imagine how many other ghotalas they must have done from the past nine years. I would say they are eating us from nine years. But where is it going...? To the swiss bank..? Is that is why they cannot get our money back to our nation. Yes, 90 year old anna hazare has aroused the nation from a deep sleep. His initiative has given us power at least to raise our voice and the voice is also echoing in congress supremo’s ears. But the question is still intact, will the corruption go?

Our greatest economist, who is been counted with in the best economist of the world is showing us one of the worse phase of our economy. Sir we supposed your mind will be there to raise the country's level not to cleverly hide the economy. Though it sounds very strong but we know he is just a stamp, mind is her's. We public don't know whom to blame and whom not. Is bjp with congress or not or how they are trying their best to take each other's support. But we are watching and demanding a peaceful INDIA. Now it sounds  very satirical to say "Mera Bharat Mahaan".

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