Friday, September 14, 2012

Satyamev Jayate

India where in everybody is bothered about themselves. Many even don't know who lives next to them....what are the problems of others.... only cursing the government. In this entire situation one has taken a step, a step to change ... jab dil pe lagegi tabhi baat banegi.... so apt. But is any thing happening..? Except the Rajasthan health minister saying "vo tho ek episode ki 3 crore leta hai, free main thori na kar raha hai samaj seva”. As if they are doing it for free. Now i ask .... He takes for his hard work, the in-depth research that goes into, but for what government takes taxes for, to multiply their bank balance? 


  1. Just Blaming the government for scams, corruption and inflation can never solve the problem. We are the ones who are choosing our government since we are a democratic country. If we call the government "CHOR" on their face they wont hesitate in throwing things back on our faces. watch this video " " We appreciate Amir Khan's endeavor in reminding the Government or the governing bodies , their duties and responsibilities towards the society. I think Media bodies should educate people about the candidates standing in the elections so that people can make a better choice while giving their votes. But unfortunately some of our News channels either biased or very much commercial.

    1. Gone are those days when print & media was used as a weapon. It runs on TRP now. However, most of the people in india lives in villages. They are the ones who vote. Polititions are too cleaver to control their vains by attracting poor people to fulfill their requirements. Aam admi gets trapped. After his win he forgets his comitments. Media do reveal all that. Lets hope for the better future.

  2. They say media is blind in that it does not take into consideration the status of individuals or their position in society but in these cases, It is difficult to justify why anyone would want to oppose an anti-party-hopping legislation that holds out hope for morality in politics.
    So according to me, Donal...
    What must not be tolerated is the betrayal of the voters who have casted their votes in favour of a candidate who then decides to party-hop after winning. The voters’ electoral decisions cannot be sidelined and totally ignored as if they were of no consequence.