Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Surprising Moment...!!

It feels wow when things happen unexpectedly when we really need it. I was returning home, it got around 10 in the night. I was running to catch metro. As i heard the sound of train arriving i ran, wanted to catch that train. I reached at platform; people were coming out, going in. I could not find space in that bogie to board it. I slowly moved forward, doors were still open i saw first chamber had some space to sit. But as i was about to reach the door it got closed. It felt bad, was blaming bad luck. I turned around towards the wall of the platform was looking down on the road in sadness. I thought ok now ten minutes more i have to wait. I started checking my phone. Suddenly i heard metro horn and got shocked it came within a minute? As i turned back it was the same metro which i thought was gone. It's doors were opening. I saw the driver came out and indicated me to get in. Oh!... I got so happy and surprised, can't forget. Thank u....;-)

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